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N. 198th St. Trail Work Party and you are invited!
Sorry to say that our March 28th work party was cancelled due to freezing rain.  Thanks to four people that showed up anyway.  Please come again to our rescheduled chip party on Sat. April 11, 10 to noon.
Come help improve our neighborhood!  We will be sheet mulching, read that shoveling and raking wood chips at the N. 198th St. Trail, Sat. April 11 from 10 am to noon.  This is a short street end trail that we are cleaning out the invasives and generally improving.  Volunteers are needed so join us for this chance to get outside and do some good community work too.  Bring a shovel or a rake and wear gloves.  Chips have splinters!  See you there!
(See photos of previous work parties in the photo gallery.)
There have been two very interesting meetings for neighbors held by Crista.  The Crista represenative comes to our Association meeting and the discussion continues. Come and see what is happening in Hillwood Neighborhood.  Our next meeting will be Monday, April 20 in the Arbor Deli Cafe, 7 pm, Kings Garden Way just off Fremont.  Look for our new signs!
We have now received notifcation of the next step in the Crista permitting process.  Public comments are welcome. See our Crista Master Plan page for details about how to do that.  Come to our next meeting for further discussion.
Check out Crista's web site www.cristaplan.org  where they have preliminary plans posted and see what the impact on your street may be.  Think about traffic impact, construction noise, and loss of trees which can affect our environment and the ambience of our neighborhood.  Then come to the meeting and learn more and express your opinions.  Knowledge is power
Our neighborhood signs have arrived. 
There is one on a corner near you!
See the Logo News page for the story.
There is a new chapter of Shoreline history on our Hillwood History Page  
This website is continually being improved.  Keep you eye on it! 

You have come to the right place to find out what is happening in the Hillwood Neighborhood and Shoreline.  Find out about events and changes that will effect us, entertain us, and build our community.
There are pages about issues that directly effect the residents of Hillwood Neighborhood such as the traffic impact of the Aurora corridor development and Cristas new master plan.
The calendar gives happenings in Shoreline and Hillwood that may be of interest to you.
The Contacts and Links page gives you name and numbers of city departments and services and other organization in Shoreline.
This is a place where you can give input on neighborhood issues and activities.  Would anyone out there like to participate in a garden club or walking groups?
If you have suggestions for the neighborhood and this website, please send mail from the Contact Us page.  We will be delighted to hear from you.