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UPDATE 1/12/08

Tent City 2 has been running very smoothly.  The chuch kindly allowed the residents to sleep in their recreation hall durning our stent of freezing weather.  Neighbors are dropping by with donations and one neighbor has organized the preparation of a meal.  This is a serious undertaking with planning, purchase and preparation of food more more than 100 people.  There has be great response for donations and volunteers from our neighborhood.




The Hillwood Neighborhood Association has recently been told that Calvin Presbyterian Church is proceeding with hosting Tent City 3. Because of the varied concerns and opinions of our members and neighbors, the Hillwood Neighborhood Association has not taken an official stance on the matter, but we do want to keep you informed.  The following is information that has been proved to us.  Contach the church at 206-542-6181 with your questions and offers of help


Calvin Presbyterian Church is working towards hosting Tent City 3 at the south

end of our church property for a period of 90-days beginning Nov. 29, 2008.

Calvin intends to apply for a temporary-use-permit, along with co-applicate

SHARE/WHEEL. As we consider joining in this work on behalf of the needy in

our community, we would like to hear the opinions of our neighbors and have the opportunity to address

any concerns.  Contact Calvin Presbyterian at

• Since 2000, Tent City 3 has provided safe shelter and community

for up to 100 people.

• Most of Tent City 3’s members stay for a short period of time

while they hold jobs and work toward re-establishing independent


• Tent City 3 is a self-governing community that upholds a strict

code of conduct for all members. All members must be drug-free,

sober and non-violent.

• Tent City 3 is admired for its record as a good neighbor, with

security on duty at all times to ensure respect and care for its

host communities.

• Portable toilets and dumpsters are emptied regularly

How Can I Help?

Donate Supplies (garbage bags, batteries, warm socks,

flashlights, phone cards, duct tape, tents and more) at the Tent

City 3 Security Desk or call SHARE/WHEEL at 206-448-7889.

Donate by check to cover basic costs (garbage renewal, electricity,

portable toilets). Send checks to SHARE/WHEEL, PO Box 2548,

Seattle, WA, 98111. Please write: “Tent City Donation.”

SHARE: Seattle Housing and Resource Effort

WHEEL: Women’s Housing Equality and

Enhancement League