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N.198th St. Trail Clean-up, Sept. 20

Neighborbors pitched in to clean out invasive plants.  We are close to our goal of filling a city dump truck with blackberries and ivy.  Come and join us on Sat., Oct. 4 to help finish the job.
We were thrilled to find two native plants under all the vines.  Here were the tiny native cyclamen and oxalis surviving in the shadows.
Neighbors Night Out Against Crime at Hillwood Park, Aug 5, 2008
Lots of neighbors walked and rode bikes to our Night Out against crime Ice Cream Social in Hillwood Park.  We had an information table about city activities and the Police and Fire Deptartment visited.  Even the Mayor Cindy Ryu came!
The new playground equipment has arrived at Hillwood Park just in time for summer.  Go and enjoy!
May Pride Day Hillwood Park Clean-up, May 17, 2008
Lots of good work was accomplished in just a couple of hours.  Piles of invasive ivy and blackberrys were pulled and whole holly trees cut down. 
Under one mass of ivy there was an old growth stump trying to be a nurse stump with a native huckleberry growing out of the top.  In the mass of of ivy removed from the stump we found several bottles and cans, a couple of dog balls, a dead squirrel and a dead crow, and three plastic easter eggs!
We also sanded and refinished the picnic tables. 
Thanks to all the volunteers for their hard work.  Great progress was made and we would like to do it again in the fall.  Watch our calendar for the date so you can join in too!