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Hillwood Neighborhood Association Meeting Notes from regular meeting held Jan. 19, 2008 at the Arbor Deli Cafe
After skipping Nov. and Dec due to the holidays and bad weather we are back on schedule with our regular meetings.  There were a dozen people in attendance including represenatives from Crista.  They encouraged us to attend an "Early Community Meeting" on Jan. 29  and give input on their master planning processes.  All Crista neighbors should attend this meeting. 
Another agenda point regarding the reception Tent City 3 has received and every point was positive.  Neighbors have volunteers for a number of small jobs and one big one and everyone feels good about it.  There have been no reports of problems generated in the neighborhood.
There was a brief discussion of the King County jail location in Shoreline.
We will have neighborhood signs up this month at several entrances to our neighborhood.  We also have sandwich boards to help folks find our meetings.
Hillwood Neighborhood Association Meeting Notes from regular meeting held Aug 18, 2008 at the Arbor Deli Cafe
Please aceept our apologies for the meeting location confusion.  We asked to use an auditorium at Crista which they kindly agreed to.  However, with less than 24 hours notice they told us that room was already booked and we were moved back to the Arbor Deli Cafe.  


There were about 30 people present to discuss three agenda items.

Item One:

MaryBeth Poch, Regional Administrator of the Dept. of Social and Health Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities,  gave the group information about the “Community Protection” home that has been located on

2nd Avenue NW
.  The residents there are people with developmental disabilities and criminal records.  She restated their right to be there and the need for such homes.  She had handouts about these residences and how to explain them to children. 

The neighbors expressed concerns about safety and privacy and related various incidents which they had witnessed including four separate occasions where the police had been called to the premises in the short time the house has been occupied.  There was also concern about the nearby locations of schools and a public park where children play.

Ms. Poch said that in this case, the residents have decided to move and should be out by the end of the month.  She also said that DSHS is reviewing how to screen neighborhoods for the placement of these homes.

Item two:

Rafael Villagran, representing Calvin Presbyterian Church, led a discussion about the placement of Tent City 3 on their property.  This is also a matter of concern to the neighbors and they expressed a number of issues that the Church should be aware of.  These included the large number of children living on the street and two school bus stops that would be impacted.  The church is still weighing the matter and the neighbors will have more opportunities to comment.  For further information about this location of Tent City3 you can follow this link: Calvin Presbyterian Tent City 3

Item Three:

Neighbors were given the opportunity to look at the Crista Master Plan.  Once again there was spirited discussion and all the neighbors wish to be kept up to date on the master plan process.

Hillwood Neighborhood Association
Meeting notes from regular meeting held
July 21, 2008 at the Arbor Deli Café

The meeting was called to order by Lee Michaelis, Chairman and everyone introduced themselves. There were seven people present.

Neighborhood Sign and Logo Update: The art for the signs has been submitted to the city and this project is underway. We will be receiving signs, a banner and two sandwich boards.

Copies of the articles of incorporation and the bylaws were passed out. They have been sent to the city attorney’s office for review. When we have them done, we can apply for a Master Business Application from the state to become a non-profit organization.

Lee has been in discussions with the Shoreline planning department and was able to explain how their review process works. He also added that the process is changing and everything is on hold for the moment. He had a complete set of plans of the Crista Master Plan which we studied at length. He then compiled a list of our neighborhood concerns and mitigation suggestions which will be forwarded to the city planner.

Our Night Out Against Crime Ice Cream Social at Hillwood Park, Aug. 5, is well under way. Anna Marchini is in charge. Lee offered to do flyers and we will get them up the week before. We have been unable to find entertainment. The new playground equipment will keep the kids busy.

We will plan a Mini Park Clean Up Day after we attend the Embrace Shoreline planning meeting so that we don’t conflict with their dates.

The Traffic Action Plan Program has not yet announced the members of their citizens committee. We hope to be represented there.

Lee Michaelis and Ann Erickson will volunteer at the Swinging Summer Eve Book Sale, at Cromwell Park, July 23, run by the Council of Neighborhoods. Our group will get a share of the proceeds.

The Council of Neighborhoods is still looking for volunteers to help at the Celebrate Shoreline Carnival Game Tent, Aug. 16 from 11 to 5. Everyone is welcome to help.
Notes from June 2008 Meeting
Hillwood Neighborhood Association Meeting
June 16, 2008
Present: Ann Erickson, Anna Marchini, Lisa Thwing, Boni Biery, Steve Whalen, Bobby & Wes (didn’t catch their last names).
• Neighborhood Signs: Neighbors reviewed submissions and all voted in favor of the illustration with the family at the center of oval. Strong recommendation to change at least one of the trees to an evergreen. Will pass that information onto Lee M. who is coordinating the signs effort.
• In addition to street signs, there were questions as to whether we will also have a sandwich board and a banner with this logo.
• Steve Whalen, of Calvin Presb. Church offered use of their sign board at the corner of 3rd and 185th/Richmond Beach Rd to advertise our events.
• Ice Cream Social/National Night Out: August 5 @ Hillwood Park from 6:30-8:00 pm. Anna reviewed the needs for the event with those present and asked for volunteers. Boni signed up to scoop ice cream and Ann will initiate advertising. Steve Whalen will ask the congregants of his church for volunteers and also for music.
• Steve W. needed to leave early but wanted to reiterate his comments regarding the Crista master plan. He and the church have a lot of concern regarding the practice field and ensuing traffic. His comments can be found in the original packet given to the City of Shoreline Planning Commission.
• Much discussion around Crista master plan and next steps. All agreed to continue submitting comments and attend the next meeting on July 15. Boni brought a copy of the master plan for us to review and discuss.
• Neighbors did not want to call another meeting with Crista before the July 15 public hearing. Did not feel it would be productive at this point.
• Neighbors will send their individual letters to Lee so he can compile a letter on behalf of the HNA. They would like to see a copy of Lee M’s statement/letter to the Planning Commission.
• Mini-parks: Ann spoke to us about the street end parks. HNA leadership is meeting with City staff tomorrow morning to tour possible sights. Neighbors reviewed Mini Grant Idea Letter and all approved of the idea. Some concern about getting the application in by the end of this month. Group felt that there would be more information to fill in the full application after tomorrow’s tour. All agreed that site behind church on Fremont Ave. is a good start.
• Council of Neighborhoods Update: Ann provided us some information from the most recent Council of Neighborhoods meeting.
o There’s a new graffiti initiative that is connected to Crime Stoppers (receive $1,000 for information about graffiti that leads to an arrest).
o Code Enforcement: City has identified junk cars/junk lots and tents and will begin to enforce this code. Ann showed us the map with the locations of these infractions.
o Dog park/off-leash areas update. Six sites proposed. Will begin pilot phase. More information on the City’s website.
• Other business: Steve W. wanted to give us a head’s up that Calvin PC has been approached to host a Tent City. Very early in the process at this point. Also, Boni Biery brought a copy of the City’s sustainability document and encouraged us all to look at it.
Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.
Notes from May 2008 Meeting
Our May Pride Day was a success, with several neighbors helping out.  We pulled great piles of ivy, cut down whole holly trees and sanded the picnic tables.  It was a lot of work done in just a couple of hours.  We would like to do it again in the fall.  We had a report from the Council of Neighborhoods meeting and the Community Assets training the city provided.
We are still struggling to find a suitable logo for signs.  We are beginning conversations about building mini parks on available street ends in Hillwood. 
Upcoming events are the Council of Neighborhoods book sale at Swingin' Summer Eve, Wed. July 23 and out Neighbors Night Out Ice Cream Social at Hillwood Park, Tues, Aug 5
Our next meeting is Mon., June 16. Please join us.
Notes from April 2008 Meeting
This was a nice meeting with several new faces. Anna reported on the Non-Profit training the city provided.  It was decided that we should get non-profit status and Lee Michaelis offered to do the paper work.  Ann Erickson will attend the Neighborhood Assets training that the city is offering April 26.
Our May Pride Day park clean up was discussed.  We will have donuts and coffee in the park from 10 to 12 Sat. March 17.  Parks Maintenance Director Kirk Peterson will meet with us to suggest clean up projects.
A resident brought up the problem of graffiti.  Anna has contacted the police department and they responded with recommended procedures for dealing with graffiti.  We have posted them on a page called Graffiti Tips.  Have a look! 
Our next meeting will be May 19.  Please join us!  
Notes from March 2008 Meeting
We had a relaxed sociable meeting with lots of good discussion.  The Neighborhood Traffic Action meeting was reviewed.  Plans were begun for a May Pride Party at Hillwood Park.  We would plan a park clean up and BBQ.  The tenative date is May 17.  There was discussion about new play equipment for Hillwood Park.  Ann Erickson will attend the Mar. 19 Non-Profit Training.  All are encouraged to attend the Neighborhood Assets training April 26.
March 10, 2008 , 7:00 PM,  Room E-7
Einstein Middle School,19343 3rd Avenue NW
7:00 - 7:30 Update on Neighborhood Action Traffic Plan
• Re-cap Meeting of February 26
• Identify problem areas.
• What’s Next?
7:30 – 7:45 May Pride Day.
• What event neighbors would like to see happen
• What weekend works best for everyone?
7:45 – 8:00 Update from Council of Neighborhoods Meeting
• Citizen Advisory Committee on Housing
• Upcoming Events
8:00 – 8:10 Break
8:10 – 8:20 Discussion on Hillwood Park New Play Structure
8:20 – 8:30 Open Discussion.
1. Graffiti Removal
2. Newsletter (Traffic Mailing)
Notes from Feburary 2008 Meeting
At our last meeting, February 4, it was announced that we are now an "official" Shoreline neighborhood.  We have representatives on the Shoreine Council of Neighborhoods and are eligble to apply for mini-grants from the city.  We are looking for a design for our logo which will be used on neighborhood identificalion street signs. If you know of an artist who might help us, send their contact info on the Contact Us page.
Officers were elected.  Congratulations to Lee Michaelis, president, Ann Erickson, vice president, and Anna Marchini, secretary.
We are co-sponsoring the Hillwood Neighborhood Traffic Action Plan meeting, Tuesday, Feb. 26, 6:30 to 7:30 pm at Calvin Presbyterian Church, 18826 3rd Ave. NW.  This is an opportunity for your input on traffic issues.